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Our Activity

We would love to hear your ideas for events and activities that you find interesting and beneficial for our community! Check out below some of the past events and activities that have been successful and will be conducted regularly.


New Student Orientation

INSEIKAI orientation will be conducted alongside GSID orientation to provide you with essential information to acclimate to your new surroundings. Make sure you read the student handbook and feel free to drop us a LINE message or visit us in the study room if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to support you throughout your journey here.


Town Hall Meeting

We believe that it's important to stay connected with our fellow students, which is why we conduct town hall meetings. These meetings provide an opportunity to listen to your aspirations and address any concerns you may have.

At INSEIKAI, we are committed to facilitating and accommodating your needs and will make sure to convey your feedback to the school administration if necessary. These town hall meetings will be set up regularly, and we will notify you of the exact date through email

 We encourage you to attend and take advantage of this platform to voice your thoughts and opinions.



To put it simply, due to COVID restrictions, there were not many activities we could enjoy. However, last fall, we were thrilled to finally have the opportunity to go on an outing. We decided to visit the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden, which was just around the corner from our campus.


The outing turned out to be a fantastic experience as we had a great time with our fellow students and professors. We enjoyed our lunch under the clear sky, played games, and even got to hang out with the animals! We are already excited to plan for this year's outing, any suggestions on where we should go next?


Student Gathering

Student gatherings are a fantastic way to celebrate special events like spring picnics, Christmas parties, or iftar gatherings. During these gatherings, we get to enjoy playing games and quizzes, and we even have the option to dress up in silly costumes! So, why not join in on the fun?


Cleaning Campaign

Welcome to Japan! We take responsibility for maintaining cleanliness in our study quarters, such as study rooms. To ensure a comfortable studying environment, we conduct periodic cleaning campaigns for each study room.


During the campaign, all students occupying the room are expected to work together to mop, wipe, broom, and vacuum to make the room clean again. You'll notice the difference after every campaign, so let's work together to keep our study rooms clean!


Alumni Affair/
International Career Pathways Seminar

At INSEIKAI, we regularly hold discussions and co-organize the International Career Pathway Seminar with the GSID International Department. We invite alumni and interesting speakers to share their career journeys and experiences with our students.


We hope that these sessions will inspire and provide students with insights about their next steps after graduation. Join us to gain valuable knowledge and make informed decisions about your future career path.

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